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Hardwood Installation

Hardwood Installation

The addition of hardwood flooring is a sure fire way to transform a room. Hardwood flooring stands the test of time for both durability and style. Wood flooring has been a popular flooring choice for hundreds of years because its last, looks great and can be refinished. Hardwood flooring can look different based on the species, stain and installation.

When choosing your hardwood installer you will want to look for a certified professional that follows the NWFA guidelines. The NWFA sets strict policies and practices for installers to ensure proper installation. The NWFA protects both the hardwood professional and the homeowners. At Prestige our team is all trained in proper installation and finishing to ensure they can meet or exceed the NWFA standards. We have countless years of experience among our team and a long list of happy customers. We want you to feel safe trusting your hardwood job to us and hope our reviews, certifications and customer service will help you feel at ease. We know that trusting the NWFA standards ensures a great installation every time and strive to provide forever floors to all our clients.

The installation process is vital to creating a forever floor. The glue, nailing schedules and supplies, and other products are all part of an ideal installation. The right installation and care make a big different in the longevity of wood flooring. When installed correctly hardwood flooring can last 100 years or more. Hardwood flooring can withstand some wear and tear but abuse from pets and children can eventually leave their mark. Gapping and other installation issues can be stopped or minimized with proper installation techniques.


Installation Expectations

  • NWFA policies and practices followed
  • Clean job site at the end of each day
  • Tight Installation
  • Glue used when necessary
  • Proper borders used
  • Best wood products used

What to Expect From Prestige

  • Punctual
  • Available and willing to Answer Questions
  • Careful with dust and sawdust in your home
  • NWFA standards followed

Domestic Vs Exotic

There are two main categories of wood for hardwood flooring- exotic and domestic. Depending on where you live and the individual climate of your home you may be able to use different species in your home. Domestic hardwood are the safest choice in the United States because they tend to be more stable but still offer a lot of options. When you meet with our team they can discuss the species that will work in your home as well as the benefits of different woods and how they will wear.

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