Hardwood Flooring Installation
Unfinished and Prefinished

Central Jersey – Monmouth County, Union County, Middlesex County, Somerset County

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Monmouth County, Union County, and Middlesex County NJ

Hardwood flooring is one of the best ways to transform a room. Your home is the place where you spend most of your time. With many family and friend gatherings, a good floor will stand that test of time. Hardwood flooring will not only enhance the beauty of your home – it will withstand all the life that is being lived in it.

Prestige Wood Flooring strives to give you the best wood flooring possible, and do it in a way which will be stress-free and easy. We have been beautifying homes throughout Central Jersey for nearly two decades.

Prestige wood flooring consists of certified professionals who follow the NWFA guidelines. The NWFA sets strict policies and practices for installers to ensure that they properly install hardwood flooring. At Prestige, our team is trained, educated, and has the experience to give the customer exactly what they want and need. With nearly two decades of experience behind us, as well as a list of happy customers, we want you to feel safe trusting your hardwood flooring jobs to us. When installed correctly, hardwood flooring can last a very long time.

Our solid wood floor installation is available in either prefinished or unfinished wood and is available in many different types of wood. When you meet with our team, they can discuss the wood flooring options that will work in your home as well as the benefits of different wood types and how they will wear.


We also offer engineered wood floor Installation. Engineered wood consists of a solid wood layer on the top of a board with cross layers of plywood below. They are made by binding the plywood with adhesives to make a more dimensionally stable wood floor. These products look and act like real wood. They are actually quite strong and durable making this type of flooring a great choice to use in basements or over concrete subfloors where you want the beauty of wood.

• Available in prefinished or unfinished wood.
• Available in many different wood species.
• Can be glued down, nailed or stapled.
• Can be installed in all areas of a home including basements.
• Looks and feels exactly like solid wood.
• In many cases, can be sanded and refinished just like solid wood flooring.
• Is more dimensionally stable than solid wood.


A floating installation is a floor that is not secured to the subfloor. It is available as a prefinished product, and is available in many wood species, including laminate floors and some types of engineered prefinished wood. Typically, these types of floors have a special milled interlocking system built in, normally referred to as Lock and Fold, which can be installed in all areas including basements. In other areas where the floors cannot be clicked together, glue might be required. Prestige has the expertise to install this type of flooring for you, giving you a beautiful floor that is more affordable and easier to care for. This prefinished flooring option is ideal for the rooms in your home that tend to be wetter such as the bathroom and laundry room. Though this type of flooring does not last as long as hardwood flooring, you can still expect to enjoy 15-25 years with your new floating floor installation. There are many beautiful options available. Prestige’s knowledge and expertise will guide you for what is the right decision for your home floor needs.


Alongside our unfinished hardwood flooring, Prestige Wood Flooring is proud to offer the best quality prefinished wood flooring on the market today.  Prefinished flooring comes from the factory with the stain and finish already applied. It is ready to be installed!

Some advantages to prefinished hardwood flooring include:

  • No drying or curing needed
  • You can stay in your home during the process
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects
  • Many styles and options to choose from
  • Faster install times


Prestige Wood Flooring understands that our customers have concerns about dust and we work hard to address these concerns. installation services, repair work, hand sanding or scraping, and door jamb cutting are not completely dust free and may release dust into the air. We will make cuts outside or in a garage when possible to minimize dust (weather conditions permitting). Our goal is to leave your home as clean as we found it.


♦ Confirm your installation appointments
♦ Show up on time
♦ Bring wood flooring samples to your home
♦ Have a trained professional help guide your decisions
♦ Give you a FREE Proposal the same day (not an estimate!)
♦ NWFA policies and practices followed
♦ Clean job site at the end of each day
♦ Best wood products used
♦ Supply and deliver all materials to your home
♦ Move your furniture for installation
♦ Remove old floor coverings
♦ Identify moisture related issues
♦ Clear all debris after the installation is completed
♦ For unfinished wood installation, create custom stain colors
♦ Transform your stair treads from pine to beautiful solid oak
♦ Install moldings along the floor
♦ Complete your installation project on time
♦ Guarantee our work
♦ Follow up to make sure you are happy with our service

We provide this level of customer service because we believe it is what you deserve!