Middletown Hardwood Flooring

Installation & Refinishing

Hardwood Flooring Installation Middletown NJ

Prestige Wood Flooring services all of Middletown NJ. Middletown homeowners have some of the most beautiful, classic homes in eastern New Jersey! Refinishing or installing new hardwood flooring will make them even more beautiful. Hardwood flooring is a great addition to your home that brings timeless beauty, complementing the overall look and feel of your home.

Prestige Wood Flooring offers custom hardwood floor installation and refinishing. Wood floor refinishing is a fantastic way to revitalize a tired, overused floor. It improves the overall look for years to come and will be more durable than the original finish. Finding the right company to refinish your hardwood floor is vital. It is important to hire a company with the experience and skills necessary to complete your project to your exact specifications, to ensure a beautiful finished product.

Prestige Wood Flooring has more than two decades of combined experience with Middletown floors. When it’s time to install, refinish or expand your hardwood flooring, look no further than our locally owned central Jersey team!

What to Expect from Refinishing Your Middletown Hardwood Floors

While hardwood flooring is well-known to be durable and resilient, it unfortunately doesn’t last forever…at least not without some regular care and maintenance. One of the many incredible features of having real hardwood flooring in your home, is the ability to make your floors look practically brand new again with a simple sand and refinish.

When you have your Middletown home floors refinished, you’ll notice that all the small, minor scratches and nearly all the major scratches will be removed through our sanding process. You’ll get an even, beautiful sheen that is free from dirt and grime, leaving your floor looking and feeling like it did when it was first installed.

Choose Hardwood When Replacing Your Flooring

Nothing transforms a space like the look and feel of genuine hardwood floors. It’s no wonder why it’s been a popular choice of flooring among custom builders for hundreds of years. It’s timeless, beautiful, and durable! If it’s time to change your flooring surface, do yourself a favor and pick hardwood.

As we said before, the company you hire to install your new hardwood flooring is very important. Hardwood flooring is an investment that demands proper installation to last the decades of use you expect from it! Prestige Wood Flooring are experts in all types of hardwood installation in Middletown and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free, in-home quote!