Westfield Hardwood Flooring

Installation & Refinishing

westfield nj hardwood flooring installation

Prestige Wood Flooring is Union County and Central Jersey’s best hardwood refinishing and installation company! Our experienced team provides the best in installation and refinishing of hardwood floors to homeowners in Westfield, NJ. Refinishing and/or installing hardwood floors makes an average home beautiful and makes a beautiful home stunning! Hardwood floors are a fabulous addition to any home, regardless of age. Authentic hardwood flooring brings unmatched durability and legendary beauty that other flooring surfaces simply cannot!

Prestige Wood Flooring specializes in custom hardwood floor installation and refinishing that satisfies the toughest standards. If your current hardwood floor has lost its luster, then sanding and refinishing will instantly revitalize a home. It’s vital to the success of any hardwood project to hire the right company. One with years of experience to get the job right the first time!

Prestige Wood Flooring has more than two decades of experience with hardwood floors in and around Westfield. Thinking of installing or refinishing your hardwood? Do yourself a favor and call the company that’s been satisfying homeowners for decades…Prestige Wood Flooring!

What to Expect from Refinishing Your Westfield Hardwood Floors

It’s no secret that hardwood flooring lasts years…sometimes hundreds of years. That doesn’t happen without quality installation and care over time. Regular maintenance and cleaning will only go so far. Sometimes you’ll need to refinish the floor to ensure the protective coating keeps the wood beautiful and undamaged.

Westfield homeowners trust Prestige Wood Flooring to keep their flooring investment safe. When you have your wood floor refinished, you’ll notice that nearly all scratches will be removed through our sanding process. The floor will also be noticeably cleaner since we remove all the old finish. You’ll be amazed at the transformation after just a few days of work!

Choose Hardwood When Replacing Your Flooring

Genuine hardwood floors are unmatched in durability and beauty. Ever drop something heavy on a tile floor? Broken tiles are tough to deal with! Drop something on a hardwood floor and you’ll likely not even notice a blemish.

Prestige Wood Flooring installs hardwood flooring in Westfield and all of Union County. When it’s time to change your flooring surface, think hardwood first. It looks great, it’s durable and offers flexible options for change in the future. Tired of dark floors? Sand, refinish and stain them lighter! Try that with another surface! Call us today to schedule your free, in-home quote!