East Brunswick Hardwood Flooring

Installation & Refinishing

East BrunswickNJ Hardwood Flooring Installation

East Brunswick homeowners and business owners have a friend in the hardwood floor business. Prestige Wood Flooring has decades of experience working on Central Jersey hardwood floors. East Brunswick’s population of nearly 50,000 enjoy some of the most beautiful homes in our area. Part of that beauty includes hardwood flooring that sometimes needs a little attention.

Prestige Wood Flooring has more than two decades of experience in the East Brunswick area and will do a great job on your project. It’s guaranteed! When you’re ready for any type of hardwood floor work, call Prestige Wood Flooring. We’ve been a staple in this area for a long time and you can trust we’ll be here many years to come!

What to Expect from Refinishing Your East Brunswick Hardwood Floors

Most homeowners know that hardwood floors are durable and look great for years. Unfortunately, the beauty associated with these floors doesn’t last forever without a little bit of attention through the years. A simple sand and refinish will change the look of your home in an instant. In East Brunswick, that means starting with a call to Prestige Wood Flooring. Our team will take your real wood floor and bring it back to life in no time. Need a new look? Not a problem. How about adding a stain or changing the sheen? The possibilities are endless.

When you have your East Brunswick hardwood floors refinished, you’ll quickly notice all the small, minor scratches and nearly all the major scratches will be effectively eliminated by our sanding process. Your home will have a beautiful, even sheen that is dirt and grime free. We’ve had many customers through the years tell us the floor is more beautiful now than when it was first installed!

Choose Hardwood When Replacing Your Flooring

Real hardwood flooring stands alone when it comes to timeless beauty and durability. It’s been popular for hundreds of years for good reason. Unfortunately, not all homes are blessed with hardwood floors. If you are ready to make the leap into wood, we recommend real hardwood.

Installing hardwood flooring can be challenging. While there are many ways in your home to save money on DIY projects, hardwood floor installation is typically not one of them. Prestige Wood Flooring has installed wood in many East Brunswick homes over the years and will do a great job for you too. Give us a call today at 732-765-0600 to schedule your free, in-home estimate!