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When Prestige Wood Flooring was founded we had two goals in mind, be a place people would enjoy working and provide our customers with superior service. We know that allowing contractors into you home can be scary and unsettling but we are confident that you will be comfortable with Prestige in your home. We are craftsman that can handle any specific needs your hardwood flooring has but also personable and friendly. Our employees are experienced in all different administrations of hardwood flooring including installation, refinishing, buff and coats and any other project you may have. We use a certified process for refinishing your floors that yields top quality results.

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing

One of the top concerns for anyone regarding hardwood flooring is the dust. Dust is a big nuisance and we have done everything in our power to better control dust. The vacuum system also means that dust is quickly removed from your home to be managed rather than bagged and disposed of within the home. Our system is unlike any other and yields amazing results.

The main benefit of the Dustless vacuum:

  • Improved air quality for homeowners as well as our team
  • Mess is reduced
  • Dust is at lowest possible level
  • Overall finish quality improved

Safe, Durable Flooring Finishes

Flooring is a big addition to your home and can be a costly investment. We hope that you can see the true value of hardwood flooring does come in the longevity of the flooring type and the quality of installation and refinishing does affect the longevity. We install lifetime floors which means they are nailed in, installed properly and refinished with care to allow them to last the longest amount of time possible. This does not mean your floor will not need maintenance. We apply a strong finish layer to protect your floor from wear and tear. The strong finish coats can help reduce your costs over time.

Our finish options:

  • Water-Based
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Oil-modified

We also provide green products which are family safe and still offer a great protection for your wood. Our green products come in both water based and oil based products. With proper maintenance and cleaning your floor with last for years to come.

Awards // Companies We Use

Awards // Companies We Use

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