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Prefinished Hardwood Installation

Prefinished Hardwood Installation

Alongside our unfinished hardwood flooring, Prestige Wood Flooring is proud to offer the best quality pre-finished wood flooring on the market today. The choice is yours! Prefinished flooring comes from the factory with the stain and finish already applied. It is ready to be installed!

Prefinished wood floors can be sanded and refinished multiple times just like unfinished hardwood floors. This means you still have the flexibility of changing stain colors and sheens over time if you choose.

Some advantages to prefinished hardwood flooring include:

  • No drying or curing needed
  • You can stay in your home during the process
  • Typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects
  • Many styles and options to choose from
  • Faster install times

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Prefinished hardwood flooring
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