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Hardwood Refinishing


Hardwood flooring is one of the only floorings that can be refinished and brought back to its former beauty. The floor can be refinished and a new coat is added to give it the look it had when it was first installed. The NWFA sanding process helps to ensure the floor is done properly and the finished product will be ideal. We are experienced and trained in these processes and are able to provide a beautiful high quality finished product. We are also looking for the latest technology and equipment to ensure that we provide our customers the best finished product. We want your to have a floor you love and know that we can provide that with our proven systems.

Our customers all share a common concern, dust. Dust and hardwood refinishing do not always go hand in hand, with our state of the art vacuums we can provide a dust free refinish. Our trailer mounted vacuum system that is 5hp. The vacuum is brought to your home and the dust is quickly removed and managed outside your home. The dustless system is a must for our employees and your home.


Hardwood flooring is always changing like any industry and one of the biggest new advances is in the finishes. Water based finishes are durable and have less drawbacks than other finishes. Our high quality water based products and our UV products offer lower V.O.C.’s which means they admit less odor and can be better for your health. Some finishes gas off for 60 days while waterbased and UV finishes can be done gassing off in just 2-36 hours. These finishes can last 5-8 years before a maintenance coat is required.



Hardwood floors are resilient. They are able to take abuse throughout the years and when the time comes they can be re-sanded and made to look new.  With hardwood refinishing, the transformation in just a few hours of work is truly marvelous.

Hardwood flooring can take a lot of abuse before it needs to be re-sanded but after years of used it will start to show signs of its age. Hardwood refinishing can transfrom a floor back to its original state. It only takes a few hours to change a floor from worn and aged to fresh and new.

Hardwood is resilient but isn’t impenetrable. When the times comes to refinish your floors you are probably wondering what the process will look like. The transformation is awe inducing especially since it is done so quickly. The time frame varies based on the size of the project and can take as little as two days but in some cases can take longer.

Things you will see changed on your floor:

  • Cracks filled in
  • Sheen restored and even
  • Scratches removed
  • Grime is removed
  • Pet stains are often removed but cannot be guaranteed
  • Floor will be smooth, look new and be maintenance free for years to come

How you can expect our Employees to Be:

  • On time
  • Informative and ready to answer questions
  • Background checked
  • Clean and tidy
  • Respectful


We take dust containment very seriously. We know that many customers have concerns about dust and want to do our best to address these concerns. We never want a customer to spend the day cleaning after we leave and have invested in top of the line equipment to help alleviate the dust burden. Our dust containment strategy is well thought out and saves time after the project is complete!

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